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A little bit about me:

I am a province of Manitoba Registered Massage Therapist. I practice from my home office located in Winnipeg, using the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach.

I was born in Winnipeg, Canada and raised in a small rural community a short distance from where I live now. The youngest of four sons, I was raised in a loving family, which I feel nurtured my interest in the healing arts.

I graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in 1998 and was nominated class valedictorian. Through the following years treating patients there was always something that I felt beneath my hands that I did not understand. It wasn’t until 2006 that I finally found the answer to this question while attending my first JFB Myofascial Release seminar. I was practicing a very gentle cross hand release technique when it dawned on me that this was what I had been feeling all this time. It was the fascial system.

Since this experience I have attended nine JFB Myofascial Release seminars including a skill enhancement seminar where I worked along side John and his staff at his Malvern Pennsylvania Clinic. I use MFR as my main tool for treating patients with wonderful long-lasting results.

I am committed to The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its accessibility standards.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release (MFR) is a highly effective yet gentle manual technique that stretches restricted connective tissue, corrects movement dysfunction, and alleviates pain at its root source.



  • I was referred to Robert from another allied health care professional in hopes that he might be able to address some of my myofascial pain and fibromyalgia issues. I am delighted to say I’m am now a dedicated client. Through his myofascial release massage techniques I have experienced a reduction in pain in many areas of my body and in some areas elimination of pain. He has helped me with my gastroparesis by working on my abdomen giving me relief from some very uncomfortable symptoms. He has an excellent understanding of the mind-body connection and through our interactions I have found some level of emotional healing as well. He is a good listener, is kind and gentle with his techniques, and is an excellent teacher about myofascia in the body and how it affects my functioning. I always look forward to my appointments with him as I know I will feel better when I leave his office. I have already referred several people to his practice and will continue to do so. I am a grateful client.

  • I was referred to find a myofascial therapist in early 2016. After a one hour session my lower back had made such a big improvement that the chronic pain I have had for over 30 years was practically gone. I am such a believer in myofascial release treatment, that I will only continue to see Robert for further treatments. Robert’s expertise and knowledge is evident, he is very much in tune with his clients and is extremely gifted and is applying himself 100% every time. It has truly changed my life because I don’t hurt so much every day and my back is shifting into the position it was designed to be in. I am so glad I came across Robert’s site and recommend his myofascial release treatments to any person who is looking for relief from pains from scar tissue to muscle aches and pains all the way to someone who needs chiropractic care. This treatment takes care of all of them. It has changed my life and I am so grateful to Robert and sharing his talent and gift with us.

  • I started seeing Robert about 2 years ago now, when, of all people my dentist referred me. I was having a lot of TMJ pain and other muscular issues that were connecting to that. We started on myofascial release therapy where I responded well to the first treatment. I noticed more mobility and less tension and decided to stick to it and started to make regular visits. Over the past two years I have noticed less muscle stiffness, more overall mobility and better circulation in my whole body. I will definitely keep sticking to the treatments.

  • The myofascial release therapy Rob Loewen has offered me over the past ten months has been a consummate part of my healing journey. His services have not only provided me some pain relief and increased flexibility, they have also given me clarity regarding the ways my mind, body, and spirit can get well. Rob is a highly skilled practitioner who manifests compassion and understanding in his work.

  • I have been a client of Rob’s for over two years, being my sole Myofascial Release/Massage Therapist during this time. I had been suffering with severe pain and agony in my back, hips and legs as a result of disc protrusions and canal stenosis. Rob’s treatment plan assisted with alleviating some of the pain and allowing me to continue an active lifestyle prior to surgery. After surgery, we continued with the treatment plan, allowing my body to heal in a natural way, promoting healthy living and an active lifestyle. Rob is extremely professional, knowledgable, is an excellent listener and provides options and strategies to healing naturally. Having had a nursing new born baby during this time, Rob accommodated us by giving me time to nurse and care for my little one when required to do so during my visits. I highly recommend Rob for Myofascial Release Therapy.

  • I am so fortunate that my physician recommended myofascial release therapy to me. He sent me to see Rob Loewen last year. This procedure has made a significant improvement in my quality of life. For many years now, I have been having pain in my pelvic area due to having one hip higher than the other. This problem was the result of a childhood accident. As time went on, I experienced more discomfort/pain, discomfort on standing, sitting for any extended time, and difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep. More recently I developed three episodes of trochanter bursitis and was given an exercise routine to follow. Relief was incomplete, short lived, and did not really help the situation. With myofascial release therapy, I am now able to stand straight, sit without having to shift from side to side, and sleep in any position I prefer. And without pain. Rob carries out the treatments gently, is very pleasant to deal with and he listens carefully. I have confidence in him as a knowledgeable , competent health care professional.

  • Rob has been my massage therapist for about ten years now – during some seasons quite extensively. And as of late I have begun to avail myself of his skills in myofascial release. He’s kept me working – I couldn’t recommend Rob and his work more heartily.

    Steve Bell
  • My experience with JFB myofascial release under the guidance of Rob Loewen was amazing. He helped to release a deep rooted tension and pain in my shoulder and neck, returning normal range of motion and improved posture. I believe JFB myofascial release increases a sense of total wellness.

    Connie B.
    Respiratory Therapist
  • JFB Myofascial Release has enabled me to better live with my disability. It has provided me with a greater range of motion, a decrease in pain and an overall sense of wellbeing. I highly recommend trying JFB Myofascial Release.

    Erica G.
  • Through Rob’s treatment of JFB Myofascial Release, I have seen very significant reduction of my forty years duration of lower back issues. Interestingly my upper body and cranium also seem to be affected, resulting in new singing capability.

    Donald J.
    Bass/Baratone soloist

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